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Minnix Water Systems offers a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers, including well installation, maintenance, inspections, and dewatering. We also bore holes for cell towers, grain elevators, telephone poles, and a variety of other structures. When others are unable to perform the task, they contact us!


About Minnix Water Systems 

When others can't, we CAN!

Minnix Water Systems was founded by John Minnix in 1989. John's vision was to build a sustainable and responsible business that would meet the water resource needs of Midwest residents and businesses. Years of expertise in water drilling and management have created valuable insight into the drilling and water resource industries.


In 2020, Daniel Ventling became the new owner and operator of Minnix. Dan has helped to further the mission by educating customers about their wells and providing exceptional service and products. Dan is committed to the vision, seeking to operate with integrity and value in everything we do, from our products to our services. Under his leadership, Minnix has established itself as the leading provider of large diameter boring.

Minnix specializes in 24-36" bore wells with 30-inch fiberglass casings packed with pea gravel that can hold up to 1500 gallons of water. Additionally, we only use the best products, such as the submersible pump, which generates twice the amount of water per minute. Minnix aspires to be the industry leader in large bore well drilling, and we are constantly working to improve our services and customer experience. Minnix believes in the quality of our products and is constantly learning new methods to improve our services and product performance.


Meet the President

Daniel Ventling 

Customer Testimonials

Great job by Dan and his guys! Very professional! recommend highly! 

Ethan E.

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